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April 14, 2015              Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                Vol. 2., No. 34
Almost 80 and Still Vital

Almost 80 and Still Vital

AA: America’s Gift to the World – 80 years of wrestling with the demon drink    

“‘A man walks into a bar …’ is the beginning of a few good stories. This is the story of a man who doesn’t walk into a bar.” So presenter AL Kennedy opens her engaging, and occasionally alarming, study of alcoholics anonymous for AA: America’s Gift To The World (BBC Radio 4). The story of Bob Smith and Bill Wilson, the founders of AA, snakes in and out of this 30 minute documentary.

Calling Dr. House AUDIO
‘Nurse Jackie’ Ends As TV’s Most Honest Depiction Of Addiction AUDIO    

Even after an accident with a carload full of pills gets her arrested, Nurse Jackie Peyton can’t be honest about her addictions. Especially not while explaining her sudden absence to her ex-husband Kevin. “Where were you this past week?” Kevin asks, tensely. “Really, you want to know where I was?” Jackie responds. “I went to a detox program.” “Is that what you call jail?” he shoots back. “I was notified of the accident. The car’s still in my name.” Scenes like that epitomize what Nurse Jackie still does best after seven seasons: outlining the struggles of a high functioning, sometimes ruthless addict.

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Philadelphia Story   VIDEO
Son Shoots Dad Instead of Going to Rehab                VIDEO    

A man who police say shot his father in the face as they drove along the Schuylkill Expressway in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, did so as his parents took him to rehab. The elder Corbin and his wife were seated in the front of the car at the time. The wife told police they were taking Kymere Corbin to the Malvern Institute to be admitted for drug and mental health treatment when argument ensued between father and son over the father’s involvement in his son’s life.

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The Look of Love
A Portrait of Addiction: Capturing the Humanity of the Homeless    

Marksteen Adamson spent three years photographing homeless drug addict Alan Dainton before he felt he’d got the perfect shot. During that time Adamson, an award-winning creative director of a branding agency, spent his spare time photographing Dainton, seeking to capture his ‘soul’ in a single image. The photography project proceeded from years of friendship with Dainton. Sitting with him in the street, drinking tea and talking – among other things about their shared struggles with addiction.


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Bridges To Recovery

Open Door = Open Minds
Addiction cafe opens its doors in Scotland   

The 1st Step Recovery Café, based at The Longcroft Hall, will be run by people who are themselves in recovery and who are now committed to helping others achieve happier and more productive lives. “We also hope to challenge the stigma of addiction by offering volunteering places for members of the public.” The official opening of the new group was performed by Dharmacarini Kuladharini, director of the Scottish Recovery Consortium.

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Heroin For All My Friends
“Dreamland” author outlines the path of addiction from painkiller to heroin    

“It’s a great day to be a heroin dealer in America,” says Sam Quinones, the author of “Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic (Bloomsbury: 384 pp., $28), a brisk and startling new book on painkiller and heroin addiction in the United States. More than half a million Americans a year now use heroin, and many of those users’ addictions began with pills like Oxycontin. It’s about how the epidemic was nurtured into crisis by pharmaceutical salespeople and doctors who billed Oxycontin as a risk-free wonder drug…

Legal Speed
Study finds 11 supplements with amphetamine-like ingredients    

The effects of BMPEA on human consumers is not well documented, but its chemical structure is very similar to amphetamine, the stimulant commonly used to treat ADHD and other conditions, as well as taken recreationally as a aphrodisiac and euphoriant. The drug affects the central nervous system and can dramatically raise blood pressure and heart rate. Previous research has shown BMPEA to act as a strong stimulant in both cats and dogs. 


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Control This Disease Please
CDC Launches Social Media Campaign Targeting Prescription Drug Overdoses    

In an attempt to recognize prescription opioid abusers who have been working to change their lives for the better, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this week launched a new social media initiative welcoming the stories of those who have been affected by prescription painkiller addiction. The CDC launched its campaign, titled “When the Prescription Becomes the Problem,” this week at the fourth annual National RX Drug Abuse Summit.

Justice Implied
Doors Stay Open on Family Rehab Empire Indicted for Fraud    

Narco Freedom was indicted by the New York State Attorney’s Office for milking approximately $40 million from Medicaid. On March 18 of this year, police re-arrested the father-son team who ran the nonprofit rehab chain in New York. Adding further charges and prosecutions, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman said, “My office will not stop in our efforts to prosecute those who abuse that trust and rip off taxpayers.” But the rehabs will still stay open.

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She Looked Thirsty     VIDEO & Poll 

Restaurant accidentally serves ‘sex-on-the beach’ to 10-year-old  VIDEO & Poll    

A restaurant which accidentally served an alcoholic drink to a 10-year-old girl has blamed the mix-up on her mum. Ashley Dodds, 29, visited the Red Hot World Buffet on Deansgate with her daughter, Dennon, and her daughter’s friend who is also 10. And after ordering a non-alcoholic Sweet Kiss ‘mocktail’ for the girls, Ashley was disgusted when she heard that her daughter had actually been drinking an alcoholic drink. But restaurant bosses blamed the incident on Ashley for leaving her daughter alone while she went for a cigarette.

Who Hasn’t?
Moby Takes a 5th Step    

“Pre sobriety I found these stripper shoes in a dumpster in Harlem and decided they were my spirit animal.”


Seeking A Spiritual Solution
Cocaine addiction prompted man to steal from churches    

Kenneth Stopkotte, a 49-year-old Nashville man, was sentenced to 45 months in prison after stealing almost $200,000 from church donation boxes from 2012 to 2013. On Monday, he received the additional sentence, to be served concurrently. He also was ordered to pay almost $170,000 in restitution.


The 6th Annual WCASD Conference


Saturday, May 16, 2015  

The 2nd Annual Comedy Benefit, “Laugh for Recovery” which is YPR-NJ’s major fundraiser is slated for 6:30PM May 16, at the Old Bridge Knights of Columbus (61 Pine Street, Old Bridge, NJ). Last year’s event was a great success, and this year’s Comedy Benefit will be even better.

Old Bridge Knights of Columbus  

61 Pine Street, Old Bridge, NJ  




May 29-31, 2015  

The 1st Denver Edition 2015
With CeDAR and Writers In Treatment
Denver Film Society
SIE Film Center
2510 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80206

Call for more information:




June 11-14, 2015 

VIZ Theater, 1746 Post Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

Smith Rafael Film Center

1118 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA 94901 

Call for more information:


 Underbelly of Treatment AUDIO
Puerto Rico Exports Drug Addicts to Chicago  AUDIO    

It all started about a year ago when I began noticing more homeless men in the Chicago neighborhood where I work. Many of these men would be sitting in doorways or shuffling along, many times asking for money.  “Where are you from?” He told me a story that I later heard again and again and again. The men told me they were  from Puerto Rico. They were addicted to heroin and they ended up in Chicago because someone in Puerto Rico drove them to the airport and put them on a plane with a one-way ticket to Chicago…


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For Ladies Only
To My Sober Women Warriors
by Veronica Valli    

I am sober because of the good women who came before me. I am alive because of the women who stuck around and gave me advice and support when I needed it. I am well, because of their generosity and selflessness. I have been lucky to meet many sober women warriors in my 15 years of sobriety…


From the Mouth of an Expert…
Curt Schilling talks about addiction to chewing tobacco in eye-opening letter    

“Dear 16-year-old Curt,
Tomorrow at lunch, a kid is going to dare you to take a dip of Copenhagen. If you say yes, like I did, you’ll be addicted for the rest of your life. Well, the rest of your life up to the point when you are diagnosed with cancer.” He continues: “You will brush your teeth and your mouth will bleed…

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In the Rooms

Breaking Free VIDEO
Johnny Manziel released from rehab treatment facility VIDEO    

Manziel checked into the facility on Jan. 28 in an effort to “be a better family member, friend and teammate,” attorney Brad Beckworth said in a statement issued to ESPN on Feb. 3. The exact nature of Manziel’s treatment is unclear, but the facility that treated him specializes in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The Heisman Trophy winner spent more than 2 months in the facility. “For his football life to get it where it needs to be, he needs to get the personal life where it needs to be. This takes precedence, so however long of time he needs, the football will be there when he gets out.”

New Yorker  by Ceridwen Dovey
  Experiments in Sobriety    

Hello. This is a blog is about why it is Sunday morning and I am actually sitting at my desk, typing in a mildly coherent fashion on my laptop . . . as apposed to being completely hungover, bedridden and dreading doing absolutely anything except lay in my bed and eat KFC.

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Reduce The Harm
Nation’s drug czar touts needle-exchange programs    

Venturing into the epicenter of Kentucky’s fight against heroin addiction, national drug czar Michael Botticelli on Thursday touted needle-exchange programs as effective grassroots initiatives to combat the spread of infectious disease and to steer heroin users into treatment. Botticelli, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, also urged the medical community’s vigilance against overprescribing pain medications.


Brandi’s Wish

Just Say No?  VIDEO
Obama asked about marijuana legalization while in Jamaica VIDEO    

“Give thanks! Yes, greetings, Mr President,” Williams said, “life and blessings on you and your family.” Williams posed the question to the President, saying that he wanted to “overstand and understand” the U.S. position on Jamaica legalizing ganja. He didn’t get a straight answer from Obama, however. “I am a very strong believer that the path that we have taken in the United States in the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ has been so heavy in emphasizing incarceration that it has been counterproductive,” he said.


It’s No Secret…We Can Be Together
    Starship to Sobriety    

An exclusive interview with Grace Slick and her daughter China Isler, on the old days of active addiction, recovery, and the fact that they both have 17 years sober. Grace Slick, founding member of Jefferson Airplane/Starship, and her daughter China Isler, have a unique story of alcoholism. Their own separate and combined journey to sobriety was indeed a rocky one, but it is definitely a powerful story,

His House & New Creation Treatment

Anything Can Happen
The Novel Cure: Literary prescription for being an alcoholic    

Ailment: Being a burgeoning alcoholic  
Cure: Read “Under the Volcano” by Malcolm Lowry

Comic Relief

Comments by Real Teens
Straight Talk for Teens:
Break free of porn addiction    

I got into porn in fifth grade and became addicted like so many guys. Last year, I decided to stop. I relapsed a lot, but I’m at 90 days clear, my longest stretch. Not only have I gained confidence talking with girls, but my constant brain fog and social anxiety has lifted. I’m focused and excited about life, which seemed impossible. Many guys defend porn, but it’s actually a nightmare.


Video Game Goes Al-Anon?
Explore Dimensions, Trauma and Alcoholism in ‘She Who Fights Monsters’    

She Who Fights Monsters is a different beast. The “Monsters” in its title aren’t undead and hungry. They’re more grounded in realism; monsters such as trauma, loneliness and fear. In She Who Fights Monsters, players will lead a young Jennifer through a week with her alcoholic father, the results of which will determine her future across one of three paths.

Indian Perspective
Drug addiction ruins health, character of an individual    

“In order to take people out of the grip of drug addiction, a drive should be launched, in which people from all social organisations should be taken along and support the formation of a healthy society. More than 90% of the smuggling relates to drugs, which is weakening the foundation of our nation,”he said.There are about 6% of women in prisons. But these 6%, too, don’t get sanitary napkins on time and there are no separate toilets for women in police stations, because that the law was made keeping in mind that only men will be criminals.


Triple Tragedy
Dogs eat owner’s dead body after ‘drug overdose’ at home    

A WOMAN who died alone at home was eaten by her hungry dogs, an inquest has heard. Noelle Baynham was found by a close friend who let himself in when she didn’t answer the door. The 61-year-old’s body had been partially devoured by her pet Jack Russell and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Scratch marks over the former jeweller’s body revealed the starving pooches tried to wake her before mauling her body.


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