Time for the Serenity Prayer! – 

June 12, 2020 – Still, the steps often hold spiritual meaning for participants. Several of A.A.’s 12 steps refer either to a deity or to religious practices, such as prayer. The steps include a kind of confession, asking “Him to remove our shortcomings.” The final step includes mention of a “spiritual awakening” as a result of A.A.’s steps. 

Experts who study Alcoholics Anonymous and alcohol addiction say they have seen a huge boom in home delivery sales of alcohol during the social isolation period, which they fear will fuel alcohol disorders. As bars have been closed, many Americans have been drinking at home, where social barriers from drinking in excess are more removed … Attending a Zoom A.A. meeting is a far cry from decades of A.A. tradition, in which people would often exchange hugs and hold hands in prayer. Lewis R., who in keeping with A.A. practice was interviewed on condition that his last name not be used, remembers taking down the folding chairs from his first meeting in 1985 at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church in Northwest D.C., where people would drink coffee, eat doughnuts and smoke.



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