Aug. 31, 2021 – “I wanted to design a fantasy world based on 12-step culture,” said Travis Henry, 46, co-founder of Twelvefold Works Publishing in New York. “And since the path of recovery first began in Akron, I decided to design a fictional universe where Akron is literally the center of the world.”

In June 1935, New York stockbroker Bill Wilson randomly called St. Paul’s Episcopal Church while trying to fight the urge to drink on a business trip to Akron. The Rev. Walter Tunks, rector of the church, put Wilson in contact with Henrietta Seiberling, who introduced him to Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, a local physician, at the gatehouse at Stan Hywet. In Akron, “Bill W.” and “Dr. Bob” co-founded A.A., an organization that has nearly 2 million members today. 


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