WATCH – Open books are easier to read –  

Dec. 9, 2020 – ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante caught up with the superstar, who shared how all three of their life stories blended into the perfect podcast.

“The producers at iHeart realized, well, the three of you guys have very similar pasts, you’re all sober, you’ve all been through hell and back, this could be a really interesting mashup and it truly has blossomed into a really amazing show,” he revealed. Continued McLean: “I have an AA meeting that I do every single day. I’ve been doing it since March 19 with a bunch of sober buddies of mine and it’s really helped me stay grounded.

“That’s the best part of the podcast, is that there is no holds barred, we can just sit there and just purge, talk a bunch of smack, and hopefully inspire people by sharing our experience, strength, and hope,” he added.



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