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The Twelve Noble Steps
The Buddha and Wild Bill W.    

In The 12-Step Buddhist  Mr. Littlejohn writes: “I believe that Buddhism contains immeasurably powerful methods for everyone, especially addicts. If these methods are understood and practiced in the context of a recovery program, they will help you understand and realize your spiritual nature, which is the true mission of the 12 steps. As the Alcoholics Anonymous literature states, ‘our job is to grow in understanding and effectiveness.'”

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Stick With the Winners
Alcoholics Anonymous Marks 75 years In Philadelphia, Cheering Successes     

People cheered the man who was 50 years sober, but they stood and screamed wildly for the guy who hadn’t had a drink in a day. They were there to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the AA’s Philadelphia branch. But, more than a few attendees acknowledged, what people were really celebrating was their still being on the planet after the pain and wreckage the bottle had delivered.


Reducing the Stigma   
Juliette Lewis Talks About Overcoming Drug Addiction, Battling Depression   

In a frank chat, Juliette Lewis has opened up about quitting drugs at 22, filling inher dark spaces two decades ago with the support of family and friends.  Lewis, 41, stars in Secrets and Lies alongside costar Ryan Phillippe – who just revealed his lifelong battle with depression. “I can tell you I have dealt with mania my whole life,” she told PEOPLE NowFriday, noting humorously, “I’m gonna top his depression. I am manic and crazy!”


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Brandi’s Wish

Drug Policy Tragedy?
Baby Apparently Starves After Mom’s Overdose    

A 9-month-old boy found dead in a Pittsburgh-area apartment is believed to have starved after his mother died of an apparent overdose, leaving no one to care for him, authorities said Friday. The woman’s brother found the two dead early Friday morning when he went to check on his sister, Sara Kessler, 22, after not hearing from her for several days.


The Madness Continues   
Six Heroin ODs, Three Fatal, in 48 Hours   

Police are investigating whether fentanyl, a chemical that enhances the potency of heroin, may be to blame for a string of six overdoses – three of them fatal – throughout the city within 48 hours this weekend. “We’re thinking fentanyl … it showed up in the city this fall,” Lynn Police Chief Kevin Coppinger said Sunday afternoon. Coppinger identified the deceased as a 28-year-old white male; a 44-year-old black male; and a 38-year-old white male. A 21-year-old Hispanic male and a 48-year-old white male survived the overdoses.


Detox With Dignity Now

His House & New Creation Treatment  

Hollywood High 
Trouble in Paradise-The State of Addiction in Hollywood by John Lavitt 

Finally, perhaps the highlight of the entire panel discussion was the contribution of actor Stephen Moyer, the former star of True Blood and husband of actress Anna Paquin. Proving he’s not a vampire, Moyer appeared during the day to take part in the panel. What is amazing is how sobriety shifts the focus as the dark and wild stories of the past become tinged with the truth of tragedy as the subsequent hope of a different life arises.

Harm Reduction   
Ex-NFL Player Nate Jackson Smoked Pot To Avoid Prescription Drug Addiction   

Former Broncos tight end Nate Jackson says he believes the NFL will have no choice but to remove marijuana from its lists of banned substances in the near future. Jackson called on the league to allow medical marijuana as a means to help players deal with the physical and psychological pain and head injuries inherent to their profession.

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There Are Exceptions
Psychedelic Drugs Not Linked To Mental Health Issues    

The study, which was conducted by clinical psychologist Pål-Ørjan Johansen and neuroscientist Teri Krebs by analyzing information from more than 135,000 randomly chosen people, including 19,000 people who had used psychedelics from the US National Health Survey (2008-2011), found that psychedelics like LSD and magic mushrooms do not put a person at risk of developing mental health problems.

Inspired Drug Test
New Method Detects Drug Misuse In Exhaled Breath   

Professor Olof Beck, lead researcher of the study, and his team have developed the first fully validated and robust screening method for the routine measurement of drugs of abuse in exhaled breath. The procedure involves a simple method of sample collection and preparation, which is followed by a highly sensitive analytical technique known as LC-MS (Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry).

Addiction/Recovery Story   VIDEO
‘I was addicted to online porn and would masturbate six times a day’ VIDEO    

At her worst point Oghosa Ovienrioba, 22, would lock herself in a room and watch adult movies endlessly. She would masturbate  5 and 6 times a day and watched 400 hours of pornography. Now a successful law graduate, she has spoken out about the addiction that almost ruined her life. ‘When I uploaded that video in February, I had no idea how phenomenal the response would be. I received hundreds of heartwarming comments from women who had been  through the same thing. ‘People don’t think girls suffer porn addiction, but it’s a problem for both sexes.”

Sketches Of Spain   
The Spliff is Mightier Than the Cigarette
in Spain

It’s official: for the first time, the number of new marijuana smokers is greater than the number of new cigarette smokers. This historic overtake was recorded in Spain, where, in 2013-2014, a total of 168,677 people, 61,000 of them under the age of 18, began to use cannabis, compared to 142,000 who took up the habit of smoking cigarettes. The statistics that emerge from the survey on alcohol and drug consumption, conducted by Spain’s health ministry.


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OPINION by Stanton Peele
Is Addiction a Chronic Brain Disease?    

Last year, an authoritative editorial in the world’s leading scientific journal, Nature, declared unambiguously that “Drug addiction is a disease,” one it traces to the brain’s neurochemically mediated reward system. Nature’s declaration is all the more impressive since the journal is published in the United Kingdom, and Europeans are less impressed as a rule by the brain disease model, which is much more ardently embraced here in the United States.


Expanding Resources     
Not All Accept Sober-living Homes   

Jeremy Noble owns a Port Clinton home just blocks from a new sober-living house and is father to a 3-year-old girl. In short, he’s the type of person many might expect to be worried about his new neighbors. But Mr. Noble, 25, trusts that the safety of his child and value of his house will be fine. Those struggling with drug addiction often reside near unknowing neighbors anyway, he said. “Some of these people are great people. They just need the help and can’t get it,” Mr. Noble said.

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…And A New Happiness
Italian Addicts Rehabilitation Program Inspires ‘life-changing’ Centers in Australia   

San Patrignano is a drug users rehabilitation program the likes of which are not mirrored anywhere else in the world. Indeed, there is no other place like San Patrignano, tucked between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea in north Italy, at least not yet anyway. But it’s success rate is astounding through a lot of hard work, tears and emotional breakdown and it’s now to be a model for at least two rehab communities being established in Australia.


With No Escape Claws   
Animal Activists Fight to Send Russian Alcoholic Bears to Rehab  

A legal battle is underway to send two Russian bears to rehab after they allegedly became addicted to alcohol while caged outside a Sochi restaurant for the past 20 years. The two male bears, whose court-ordered release was challenged this week, have been locked together in a small, filthy cage while regularly slipped alcoholic beverages by diners for fun, according to animal welfare groups. Disturbing photos, as well asa YouTube video,captures trash strewn about the bears’ tight enclosure.

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From the Source’s Mouth
Recovering Heroin Addict Explains Why You Should Care About Overdose Deaths  

A high school soccer and softball player with passing grades, 17-year-old Kiyla would be the last person you’d expect to become addicted to heroin. Even Kiyla didn’t want to believe it, and when she did, she wasn’t sure she wanted to stop using the drug until she found herself in lockup for three months. “I realized when I was waiting in shackles and handcuffs and saw my parents’ faces,” she said. “I said, ‘I’m going to get clean.’ I was clean for six months.”

Euphoria Under the Microscope   
Team To Study How Alcohol Hijacks The Brain’s Reward System   

With the support of a $545,000 three-year grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, researchers from the School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis are conducting research on how the brain’s reward system-the circuitry that helps regulate the body’s ability to feel pleasure-is hijacked by alcohol.

How Did House of Cards’ Doug Stamper  Kill His Addiction And Then Slip  

If you didn’t already know…spoiler alert… House of Cards’ Doug Stamper, played by Michael Kelly, is alive but not so well. The last we saw of Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) right-hand man, he was lying wide-eyed in the woods after being hit in the head with a rock by Rachel Posner. Surprise! He made it, but not without a debilitating head injury that required months and months of physical and mental therapy. But like that was going to stop the work-obsessed political veteran…




Bobbi Kristina Brown: Live-In Friend Reveals Details About Drug Addiction   

“Bobbi and Nick would spend a lot on drugs every day, it just depended on how much money they had. It wasn’t unusual for them to spend $1,000 a day on drugs,” Stepho said. “There were times when it got really bad – they would be completely passed out for hours, just lying there on the bed. There were times when she would be so knocked out she would burn herself with a cigarette and not even notice. Stepho told The Sun about the couple’s daily use of heroin , Xanax, pot and heroin substitute Roxicodone.


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