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He Will Be Missed   VIDEO
David Carr’s Final Truth About Addiction: “You Never Really Beat It”  VIDEO    

“I can think of this time in the ’80s when Carr was with the Twin Cities Reader and he was interviewing a crack addict,” Arnold continued. “Then all of sudden wewere smoking crack with this crack addict. Here was a reporter, smoking crack with a crack addict” for a story about crack addiction.

There’s A Drug For Addiction   VIDEO 
Heroin Medicine Can Keep Addicts
From Getting High

It`s a shot that stops heroin in its tracks. The way it works may sound unbelievable. It’s a medicine that keeps the drug users mind from being altered. Even many users don`t believe it. The medicine is called Vivitrol.  It`s a monthly shot that costs more than a thousand dollars a pop.  It acts as a blocker inside your brain, to keep you from getting buzzed on alcohol and heroin.

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Side Effects May Include…Laughter  VIDEO
John Oliver Goes After Big Pharma’s Relationship with Doctors    VIDEO

John Oliver’s entire segment on Big Pharma and its obscene marketing schemes to doctors and patients ran well over 17 minutes, but this is the very end and a perfect summation of everything he talked about. What a brilliant parody of those ubiquitous pharma ads. Speaking of those, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen the Cialis ad that markets for BPH and erectile dysfunction in the same ad. Multitasker, that one.

Children Are Dying   
Teen Drug War Morphs to Shock
and Education

Want to silence an assembly of 500 high school students in Pennsylvania? Play the 911 tape of a mother finding her 17-year-old son dead from a prescription overdose. The audio was played during an anti-drug assembly to bring the reality closer to home for students on the frontlines of the new war against drugs. DARE has been replaced with gripping images and audio of parents losing their kids. Friends losing friends. Siblings burying siblings.

Twelve Promises: Rewards of Recovery

Brandi’s Wish    

Michael Botticelli Scores Post as
New Drug Czar  

Botticelli has been sober since 1988. His path to sobriety came after a series of incidents including a serious drunk driving accident where he awoke handcuffed to a hospital bed and a financial collapse that left him facing eviction. He came to D.C. in 2012 to be then-czar Gil Kerlikowske’s deputy after working at the MA Department of Public Health. He travels the country, meeting with state and local officials and a group he calls “my peeps,” people with substance abuse issues.

Breaking Point   


Breaking Point: With Darren Kavinoky  

It may seem incredible to those who have not dealt with addiction, but for the addict, choosing between what’s behind door number one – jails, institutions, or death – and what’s behind door number two – a life of recovery, free from the grips of their addiction – isn’t always an easy decision to make. Addiction is the only disease where you can never, ever get enough of exactly what you don’t want in your life. It leaves those who suffer blind to the reality of their situation, in the throes of a craving that commands sufferers to feed it, just as a drowning man craves air.

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Consider Milestones Ranch in Malibu

Detox With Dignity Now 

 Everything We Know About Drugs is Wrong
‘Chasing the Scream,’ by Johann Hari    

“Chasing the Scream” begins with mini-­profiles of three Americans Hari views as archetypes for the modern-day war on drugs: Harry Anslinger, the commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from 1930 to 1962; Arnold Rothstein, a Jewish gangster in New York City in the 1920s; and Billie Holiday, the transcendent jazz singer who died in 1959 in a hospital room that had recently been raided by Anslinger’s agents. The second half of “Chasing the Scream” is largely made up of Hari’s attempts to identify the causes of and most effective treatments for drug addiction.

And As Expensive   
Love Is Like Cocaine: The Terrifying Neuroscience Of Romance   

Excerpted from “On Romantic Love: Simple Truths about a Complex Emotion.”
On popular websites, we read headlines such as “Scientists are finding that love really is a chemical addiction between people.” Love, of course, is not literally a chemical addiction. It’s a drive perhaps, or a feeling or an emotion, but not a chemical addiction or even a chemical state. Nonetheless, romantic love, often has a distinct physiological, bodily, and chemical profile. When you fall in love, your body chemicals go haywire.
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Compassion Not Incarceration
Portugal Cuts Addiction Rates by Connecting Drug Users With Communities Instead of Jailing Them    

In Rat Park, all the rats obviously tried both water bottles, because they didn’t know what was in them. But what happened next was startling. The rats with good lives didn’t like the drugged water. They mostly shunned it, consuming less than a quarter of the drugs the isolated rats used. None of them died. While all the rats who were alone and unhappy became heavy users, none of the rats who had a happy environment did.


New Dating App For Pot Heads Only

Todd Mitchem  was inspired after noticing that even living in a state where marijuana is legal, people still judge you and often dismiss you the minute they find out you smoke marijuana. That’s because the stigma that marijuana users face is ever present. They’re often referred to as burnouts and potheads as if that was the only thing that defines them. Mitchem points out that you can use anti-depressants and no one calls you an anti-depressant head but if you smoke pot, you’re automatically a pot-head.

Bridges To Recovery

His House & New Creation Treatment  

Fast Track To Death
Scientists Discover How Meth Causes Cells To Age Rapidly And Then Die    

Researchers used test rats and mice on their experiments to discover that the acceleration caused by meth within each cell involves a specific protein, known as nuclear factor kappa beta. When affected by meth, this protein triggers the rapid production of the lipid molecule ceramide that regulates energy and nutrients within a cell. With the dramatic increase of ceramide, every aspect of the cell’s metabolism speeds up until it is dead.

AMA Approved   
Doctor Admits Taking Thousands In Kickbacks From Pharmaceutical Co.   

A Chicago doctor has pleaded guilty to accepting $600,000 from a pharmaceutical company as a reward for prescribing high-risk anti-psychotic drugs to elderly and mentally ill patients. Michael Reinstein was treated to luxurious cruises around Miami and more than $100,000 in speaking fees paid for by drug firm IVAX for at least four years after he started handing out their product Clozaril in 2003. At least three of his thousands of patients died as a result of the treatment.  Clorazil, a form of clozapine, is known as a ‘last resort’ treatment for schizophrenia or suicidal tendencies.


Come to Denver This Spring    

There Is A Solution
There’s A Growing Epidemic Throughout The Country.. The Epidemic We’re Talking About Is Drug Abuse    

Whether it’s because of movies or what we see on tv, there’s a stereotype for someone who abuses drugs, but in our investigation, we learned there is no ‘one’ type of person’. In fact, we met four people for our stories, all of them are employed and are celebrating drug-free milestones every day. Jason Howington is beating the odds. “I was running around older guys that was using and I wanted to try it and after i tried it was downhill from there,” says Jason, who is in recovery. That was when he was just 13 years old. Drug use of all kinds eventually landed him in prison for nearly five years.


Obituary: Philly Boy Achieved His Dream   
Editor/Publisher, Bruce Huberman,
Dies at 62

What would the “The Gazette Guy” say on his passing with regard to the 12 Step Gazette? He would say, “Ughhh just let it go!” His response would not be for his lack of caring or passion for his creation but for the reason that no- body would do anything the way he would! On behalf of the staff and his friends and family I can say, “we will miss him terribly and there will never be another person like him.” With the support from many loyal readers and supporters we are proud to announce that the 12 Step Gazette will move for- ward and Bruce “The Gazette Guy” Huberman’s legacy will live on. The fol- lowing are just a few tributes/memories from those close to Bruce “The Gazette Guy” Huberman.

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The Wisdom To Know The Difference VIDEO
REEL Recovery Film Festival’s Audience Favorite Award    

@ 6th Annual Experience, Strength & Hope Awards in Los Angeles, Feb. 26, Skirball Cultural Center 5:30-7:30 Catered Reception  SHOW 7:30-9:30

Branching Out   
Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services Acquired by Private Investor Group   

Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services has been acquired from Constellation Behavioral Health by a small group of private investors including current Founder & Executive Director, Scott Sowle. Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services, which operates gender-specific, substance abuse and behavioral health residential and outpatient treatment programs in northern California, had been wholly owned by Constellation Behavioral Health, which also operates Alta Mira Recovery Programs.

It’s Almost Never Too Late  AUDIO
Older Adults And Alchoholism: It’s Never Too Late To Seek Treatment AUDIO    

Alcohol ages the older person more rapidly. Alcohol plus a fall can speed a downward spiral even more quickly, leading to premature disability and death. But older adults are also more likely to follow recommended treatment programs than those younger. It is never too late to seek help. It is not kind to ignore the signs of alcoholism in the older adult.

Love Is Letting Go   
End That Addictive Relationship,
Once and For All

…that means plan out everything- from what you’re going to tell the other person, to how to marshal the support of friends or family or a professional, to what you’ll do on the lonely nights ahead when you feel weak and want another hit (think of it as relapse prevention), to how to get back on the wagon if you do relapse (i.e. how to end things all over again rather than simply fall back into old routines.)

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Citizen’s Record The Epidemic
Filming The Truth About Addiction    

A fat accordion file folder sits on the chair at Starbucks between Falmouth residents Sam Tarplin, 24, and Nate Robertson, 25. Inside the folder are the release forms for the drug addicts and police officers, lawyers and mental health professionals Tarplin and Robertson are interviewing for their documentary on the opiate epidemic on Cape Cod, “What Happened Here: The Untold Story of Addiction on Cape Cod.”

Sucker Bet VIDEO   
Bill Would Require Addiction Warnings In Lottery Ads VIDEO   

Most people who buy lottery tickets already figure their odds of winning the big jackpot are pretty slim. But they’d be told exactly how slim, and get a warning about the dangers of gambling addiction, in a bill percolating at the State Capitol. “We want to make sure people are up front, we’re up front, as a State of Minnesota when it comes to the Minnesota State Lottery,” Rep. Chris Swedzinski, the chief author of the bill in the House, told KARE.


Belfast Beware
‘Super-strength’ MDMA Ecstasy Tablets Seized By Police Amid Public Health Fears   

New ‘super-strength’ ecstasy tablets are circulating in Northern Ireland, police have confirmed after three seizures in the north west. A quantity of 1,200 tablets were recovered by police in one of two  seizures in Londonderry. Police also seized another quantity of MDMA tablets in Portstewart in recent days and three people have been arrested. The new yellow tablets are reputed to be ten times stronger than ecstasy tablets found in circulation in the UK five years ago.

Half Measure & Harm Reduction Pills   
Drugs for Alcoholism Don’t Have to Lead to Sobriety   

Drugs to treat alcoholism can gain approval by proving patients using them no longer drink heavily, the Food and Drug Administration clarified Wednesday. The agency released draft guidelines for pharmaceutical companies wanting to develop alcoholism treatments that make clear that sobriety doesn’t have to be the main goal.  “The abstinence-based endpoints have often been considered an unattainable threshold in the clinical trial setting, and may be considered a hindrance to clinical development for drugs to treat alcoholism.”

Back In Action  VIDEO
Babes In Toyland Bassist Maureen Herman On Addiction, Recovery, Reunions  VIDEO    

Now sober, a proud mom, and living in Los Angeles, Herman is an advocate for survivors of addiction and sexual assault, and she’ll soon to be telling her story in a new book. In advance of her reunion with her old bandmates at the Roxy, we spoke to her about all of it, and nothing was off limits. Babes In Toyland are one of the most influential all-female groups ever, inspiring the likes of Bikini Kill, Hole and others male and female, musically and stylistically. The trio of singer-guitarist Kat Bjelland, drummer Lori Barbero & bassist Maureen Herman have not joined each other on stage in nearly two decades.

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Nightmare on the Rocks   
Alcohol Interferes with Sleep Cycles   

Alcohol interferes with the brain’s built-in system for regulating sleep, and this can result in insomnia. These new findings provide an important insight into the link between alcohol consumption and sleep, the lead researcher says: “Approximately one third of our life is spent sleeping. Coupled with statistics that show 20 percent of people drink alcohol to sleep, it’s vital that we understand how the two interact.”

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Needle And The Damage Done  VIDEO
Norwegian Film Documents A Day In The Life Of A Heroin Addict VIDEO    

This is the harsh, grim reality of a day in the life of heroin addict Magnus Lilleberg: injections to the groin because he can no longer use his neck, an inability to afford plasters for painful blisters, and a lack of sleep due to constantly being awoken by shakes and sweats. Lilleberg was given a hand-held camera by Christoffer Næss and Per Kristian Lomsdalen of the documentary group, Munin Film.

Ask The Expert: Dr. Steven J. Eickelberg   
Pressing Questions About Alcoholism, Recovery Answered   

What happens when someone goes into detox? Answer: The term “detox” is a non-medical term commonly used to describe medically managed withdrawal from a substance or substances upon which an individual has become physically dependent. It is important to not confuse “detox” with “treatment” of addiction. For many patients, it is a necessary step in preparing to embark on the journey of addiction treatment and recovery.  MORE…

Completely  AUDIO
Loving Your Addict or Alcoholic  AUDIO    

Today on Families in Action, Cary and Bob dive into the topic of loving your addict and alcoholic.  Cary and Bob discuss how to love someone that is going through the path of recovery. Cary and Bob bring up the topic of never giving up while recovering from addiction. Cary and Bob explain how to set boundaries with your addict or alcoholic. Cary and Bob ask callers to call in and tell their own experiences with addicts.

CONTINUED @ HometownStation.com 

Is It Love?  VIDEO   
Harvard Releases Its Epic Study On What Men Need To Live A Happy Life VIDEO   

In 1938 Harvard University began following 268 male undergraduate students and kicked off the longest-running longitudinal studies of human development in history.  The study’s goal was to determine as best as possible what factors contribute most strongly to human flourishing.  The astonishing range of psychological, anthropological, and physical traits – ranging from personality type to IQ to drinking habits to family relationships to “hanging length of his scrotum”.  The #1 most important finding from the Grant Study is this: “Happiness is love. Full stop.”

MEDIA: Film Release Announcement
Gracie Knows Hangovers –
DVD available Feb. 24   

She’s intimately acquainted with them. But this one? Why did she wake up, half-dressed, on a Florida beach, 1100 miles from home? View the trailer for this dramatic feature starring Annika Marks (“The Fosters”; The Sessions”), Sharon Lawrence (“The After”; NYPD Blue”) and newcomers Chase Mowen, Liam Springthorpe & Cindy Joy Goggins. You can pre-order the dvd on the website GraceTheMovie.us and it will also be available at Walmart, VOD…

Kickstart a Good Food Plan   
Food For Recovery: Eating For Recovery   

Food for Recovery is the first book to address the nutritional aspect of recovery and is designed to work in tandem with a 12-step program or any other recovery program to achieve true and lasting results. Food for Recovery explains the basics of nutrition-how your body uses food to live-and then illustrates what happened to your body as a result of your addiction.

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Stop The Madness VIDEO
Family Uses Man’s Obituary As Warning About Dangers Of Heroin Addiction VIDEO   

The obituary of a 26-year-old man has become a warning about the dangers of heroin for anyone who reads it. Alex Hesse overdosed on heroin last week. His family is devastated, but said instead of leaving the cause of his death out of the obituary, they wanted to make it prominent. It goes on to say, “Drugs took ahold of his life, changed him and destroyed so much of the hope and promise in his future.”


The Winner By Far   
Smoking Kills 575,000 Americans A Year   

The U.S. surgeon general says that 480,000 Americans die from one of the 21 causes of death officially linked to smoking each year, but the study says the actual number could be at least 575,000.  

Tobacco Road
Autopsy Shows David Carr Died of
Lung Cancer  

New York Times media columnist David Carr died of complications from metastatic lung cancer, according to autopsy results released Saturday. Julie Bolcer, a spokeswoman for the New York City medical examiner’s office, said the autopsy shows heart disease also contributed to his death.

More Tributes for David Carr    
Media Reporter, Former Twin Cities Editor David Carr Dies    

His 2008 memoir, “The Night of the Gun,” drew rave reviews and opened old wounds. It was largely set in the Twin Cities, from its back alleys to the State Capitol, and invokes every big local story of that era, from the gang murder of Christine Kreitz to the fall of banker Deil Gustafson. Parts of his account are disputed by friends like former Minneapolis Police Chief Tony Bouza, an unabashed Carr fan who nonetheless said the writer probably imagined some of what happened, a result of drug-induced paranoia.

Chef Not Le Cordon Bleu Trained?
Two Men Escape Drug Treatment Facility    

State police in Reading, PA, are searching for two men who escaped from a drug treatment facility over the weekend. Both men were court appointed to the facility. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Reading Police Dept.

Bequeathing Message of Recovery & Success    
Sales Shoot Up for David Carr Memoir
on Addiction

The death of David Carr has made his memoir about addiction one of the fastest-selling books on Amazon.com. Carr’s “The Night of the Gun: A Reporter Investigates the Darkest Story of His Life. His Own.” was No. 26 on Amazon and out of stock Friday afternoon. A day ago, it was No. 53,570. Carr was The New York Times’ well-respected media columnist. He collapsed and died Thursday at age 58.

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A Giant Takes His Leave
David Carr Dies at 58    

David Carr, a writer who wriggled away from the demon of drug addiction to become an unlikely name-brand media columnist at The New York Times, and the star of “Page One,” a documentary about the newspaper has died  in Manhattan.  In a statement, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., The Times’s publisher and chairman said: “David Carr was one of the most gifted journalists who has ever worked at The New York Times.
Carr’s book, “The Night of the Gun,”  is a memoir of addiction and recovery that used reporting to fact check the past. Much of the data he collected, including videos, documents and pictures, is available here. (If you want to purchase the book, you can go here.)
A Collection of His Work Here:

A Way With Words   
The Quotable David Carr   

David Carr was often more quotable than the personalities he wrote about. His plainspoken style was sometimes blunt, and searingly honest about himself. The effect was both folksy and sophisticated, a voice from a shrewd and well-informed skeptic. 

A Selection of His Writing & Public Statements: 

Los Angeles Residents Celebrate Recovery
6th Annual Experience, Strength and Hope Awards to Honor Joe Pantoliano

Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 

This year’s honoree is actor and author Joe Pantoliano. With more than 100 film, television and stage credits to his name, Joey joined the cast of The Sopranos, and won an Emmy Award. He’s also the author of Asylum, his deeply moving and inspiring memoir. This Award is given in recognition of an individual’s honest memoir, including their journey through addiction to recovery, and their dedication and enthusiasm for carrying the ‘message’ to a society awash in addiction.



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