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Teach Your Children Well  VIDEO
Drinking May Lead To Alcoholism VIDEO  

It’s the season to raise a glass. And if you’re tempted to give your teen the first taste of alcohol, experts say stop! A recent survey found that more than 10,000 people from ages 12 to 17 will taste alcohol for the first time on any given day in the month of December. “Parents can model good behaviors” she says. “Alcohol should never be the focus of the party.”

Going to Any Length 
Ibogaine Treatment of Australian Ends in Death on Koh Phangan Island 

Australian Brodie Smith was convinced a radical treatment using an African shrub would cure his craving for illegal drugs and turn his life around, even though it is banned in some countries. Brodie Smith, 33, reportedly died in late October 2014 after traveling to Koh Phangan Island with his girlfriend, Kara Spark, to take Ibogaine, an African hallucinogenic drug believed by some to be a radical cure for chronic addiction.

Good News
Dr. Carl Hart’s Incredible Ted Talk! Must See!    

Dr. Carl Hart gave the best Ted Talk by a scientist EVER. He got a standing ovation too. 

CONTINUED @ YouTube   

Paging Dr. Leary
Drugs Could Revolutionize American Medicine  

Consciousness-altering drugs showed promise for treating anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and addiction, but increasing government conservatism caused a research blackout that lasted decades. Lately, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in psychedelics as possible therapeutic agents. CONTINUE @   



Teach Your Children Well
The Truth About Holiday Spirits: How to Celebrate Safely This Season   

Myths Persist despite these potential dangers, myths persist that, for some, can prove fatal. Scientific studies supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism provide important information that challenges these widespread, yet incorrect, beliefs about how quickly alcohol affects the body and how long the effects of drinking last.

Consequence # 1
Mavericks Fire Robert Reynolds Due To Drug Addiction 

According to Rolling Stone Country, Paul Deakin, Raul Malo, Jerry Dale McFadden and Eddie Perez fired Reynolds in October, but they’ve known about Reynolds’ drug problems since around the time they were recording their 2013 reunion album. “When he finally admitted it, I said, ‘I’m not going to sign these [record] contracts until you go into rehab.’ On three separate occasions we put him in different forms of rehab over the past three years.” CONTINUE @   



Changing Hands
Origins Behavioral Healthcare Agrees To Acquire Two Centers From Caron   

A major deal in the substance abuse recovery industry will mean new treatment options for people struggling with addiction. Origins Behavioral Healthcare and Caron Treatment Centers announced today an agreement in which Origins will acquire two addiction treatment centers owned and operated by Caron: Hanley Center in West Palm Beach and Gate Lodge in Vero Beach, Fla. This aligns two of the best-known treatment centers in the nation, amplifying treatment options and placing the care at Hanley Center within reach of those with health insurance. CONTINUED @  

British Cast A Wide Net
UK Police Launch The First Ever Roadside SALIVA Test That Detects Drugs And Prescription Meds 

Police will use saliva tests to determine whether motorists are under the influence of drugs behind the wheel as part of a festive season crackdown. New roadside testing kits were approved by the Home Office last week and will allow police to instantly test drivers for both narcotics and legal highs. Policing minister Mike Penning said motorists pulled over will not know whether they will be breathalysed, ‘drugalysed’ or both.

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  Why?       VIDEO
Five Adults Overdose On Heroin With Three Kids In The House VIDEO   

Briana and Kaitlyn Himes said they feel lucky they’re not planning a funeral for their parents after five adults overdosed on heroin at their parents’ mobile home Saturday. While the adults got high and passed out, three children they were supposed to be caring for – ages 1, 11 and 12 – were in the house with them, according to a deputy’s report.

Days Of The Year When Americans Are Most Drunk 

But while that might give you a picture of the time of year when Americans are drinking the most, not when they’re getting into the most trouble. That yields a different results, looking at how often the phrase “alcohol appears to have been a factor” (or variants thereof) appear in the news. Driving drunk. This isn’t scientific, but when we search “alcohol was a factor,” the next part of the sentence is usually “in the crash/incident/assault.” CONTINUE @   



Please Forward This Email
Email Habits: How to Use Psychology to Regain Control   

I am the author of a book titled Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products. It is a guidebook for designing technology people can’t put down. There’s just one problem-I can’t put my technology down. I ritually check email when I wake up in the morning. If I’m out to lunch, I’ll sneak a peek on my way to the restroom. I even look at my email when stopped at a red light. Most troubling, I catch myself emailing instead of being fully present with the people I love most.

Harder To Process This Addiction
Gambling: The Neglected Addiction 

Despite growing consensus that gambling addiction can be as devastating as alcoholism or drug dependency, problem gamblers can face an unfair fight against the disease. So argues UNLV professor Stacey Tovino, who researched ways gambling addicts are disadvantaged by health and disability laws, which allow some insurance providers not to cover problem gamblers seeking treatment.



Up In Smoke
Study: Marijuana Use Has Increased in Colorado   

The survey is among the first to quantify pot use in Colorado since late 2012, when voters approved legal pot use and possession for those over 21. But the survey did not analyze data from 2014, when recreational marijuana shops opened, which means it is not a good indication of the effect of commercial sales on marijuana use. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found about 1 out of 8 Colorado residents older than 12 had used marijuana in the past month. Only Rhode Island topped Colorado in the percentage of residents who reported using pot as often, according to the study.the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found about 1 out of 8 Colorado residents older than 12 had used marijuana in the past month. CONTINUED @   

Burning Desire
About 9 Percent
of Marijuana Users Risk Addiction

One in 11 people is at risk for addiction to cannabis, especially if that person has a mental health disorder or has a genetic predisposition for a mental health disorder. “People who do have significant mental illness have a harder time sticking with rehab. They go off their meds. Even for people without mental illness, addiction is a chronic disease.” Rael, who grew up in a conservative Christian home and avoided alcohol, drugs and sex when he was an adolescent, was 21 when he took his first hit. It was at a New Year’s Eve party with his cousins. Rael was reeling after being rejected by the Marine Corps. After he enlisted, a physical revealed that he had a torn ligament in this knee.

One Who Didn’t Make It
‘Chronic alcoholic’ with ‘hectic lifestyle’ Died of Drugs Overdose   

A man who was found dead at home took over five times the lethal dose of an antidepressant and nearly twice the lethal dose of a prescription painkiller, an inquest has heard. Neil Russell Irons, 61, was found by his friend and carer Ian Coles at his flat on February 13 after having taken a combination of drugs for which he had not been given a prescription. His last contact with his doctor had been in January when he was given a one week prescription for diazepam.

CBC Archives
Junkie Author William S. Burroughs on Heroin Addiction 

The renowned William S. Burroughs, the author of ‘Naked Lunch’ and ‘Junkie’, talks about his addiction to heroin. He says it didn’t cause any real damage to his health and he has no regrets.

UA From A Mile Away
Iran Says It Has A Machine That Can Detect A Drug Addict From A Mile Away   

Iranian scientists have developed a radar that can detect explosives, narcotics and even drug addicts from almost a mile away. The device’s inventor, Seyed Ali Hosseini, told the state news service this week that the “radar tracker was designed and built to detect drugs, explosives, bodies alive and dead under the rubble, addictive drugs and alcoholic beverages.” The device “could detect drug addicts from a distance of 1500 meters and determine the degree of addiction inside their bodies.” CONTINUED @   

Making a New Connection
iRecover App To Offer Social Network, Resources For Drug And Alcohol Addicts 

It was then that former Boston City Council candidate Jack Kelly, a former heroin addict, realized that it was a struggle for people in recovery to find resources like meetings and support networks around them. The iRecover iOS and Android app will allow everyone from addicts to those recovering from addiction and their families to find addiction resources near them, communicate directly with verified health professionals and get to know others with similar interests.

America’s Real Battleground
Story of the Year #10. Heroin Use Surging   

Opioid abuse, specifically heroin, emerged as a major threat in 2014, forcing New Hampshire safety, medical and political leaders to scramble in search of a solution. According to data released in a recent report, 911 calls for drug overdoses had nearly tripled since 2011. Deaths caused by overdoses last year were five times the number in 2010, said the state Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. “New Hampshire has the highest rates in the country of drug and alcohol abuse and dependence, but ranks at the bottom in accessing treatment,” Hassan said. “Heroin’s the leading cause of overdose deaths in 2012.”

If Addiction is a Disease, WHY was she in jail?
Woman Dies
After Crack Pipe, Drugs Removed From Vagina 

A woman has reportedly died after a crack pipe and bottle of cocaine was removed from her vagina. Doctors took the paraphernalia out of April Rollison – but she is believed to have already ingested a quantity of drugs when no one was looking. Her family said she had been a drug user for nearly 20 years. An autopsy is due to be performed. The sheriff’s office has revealed she tested positive for methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana.

From Rum to Running  VIDEO
People Try To Conquer Drug Addictions With Exercise VIDEO   

A class in Pueblo is helping people beat their drug addictions. Addict 2 Athlete is a program that helps anyone with a drug problem by exercising. Robert Allen is one of those people trying to be sober. It’s his New Year’s resolution. “For almost 20 years, I struggled with addiction and it took a lot out of me and my freedom,” he said. Allen struggled with an opiate and painkiller pills addiction; it even got him in trouble.

Venus and Mars Brands?

Venus and Mars Brands?

Cigarette Addiction Affects Men, Women’s Brains Differently 

Women were more affected by the sensation of smoking, such as its taste and the smell of smoke, while men were more affected by the nicotine itself. Men are much more likely to use chewing tobacco because they don’t care about the cigarette or the activities smoking brings with it; they just want that nicotine. Women, on the other hand, may do better smoking a low-nicotine cigarette, so long as they have a cigarette in hand to take a drag and blow smoke from.

Article of the Week
Buy Experiences, Not Things   

Over the past decade, an abundance of psychology research has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than do possessions. The idea that experiential purchases are more satisfying than material purchases has long been the domain of Cornell psychology professor Thomas Gilovich. Since 2003, he has been trying to figure out exactly how and why experiential purchases are so much better than material purchases.

Staying In The Solution
Addiction Treatment Leader Addresses State of the Art  

Christopher Murray: What’s wrong with rehab?
Brad Lamm: In early 2003, a therapist suggested I go to rehab. January. I looked at Hazelden and thought, Minnesota in the winter? And instead decided to go to a crummy treatment program that was very spa-like in Laguna Beach. So, I packed away $35,000 in cash and took a leap of faith. That’s one of the big challenges of finding treatment, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight – it’s kind of a Wild West show.


Los Angeles Residents Celebrate Recovery
6th Annual Awards Honoring Joe Pantoliano

Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015 

This year’s honoree is actor and author Joe Pantoliano. With more than 100 film, television and stage credits to his name, Joey joined the cast of The Sopranos, and won an Emmy Award. He’s also the author of Asylum, his deeply moving and inspiring memoir. This Award is given in recognition of an individual’s honest memoir, including their journey through addiction to recovery, and their dedication and enthusiasm for carrying the ‘message’ to a society awash in addiction.



Writers In Treatment 
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