April 27, 2021 – “It’s called the CAGE test – C is for cut-down meaning if you think that you need to start cutting down on your intake,” Dr. Garcia said. “The A is for annoyance- if you become annoyed by somebody asking you to cut down – and that’s point 2. The G is for guilt – there’s guilt surrounding your alcohol consumption and finally, E is for eye-opener. You wake up in the morning and the only way to function is by cracking that beer or having that shot then if you score 4 out of 4 that’s a definitive problem.”

According to experts, the most commonly abused drug in Texas is alcohol. At any given moment, there are roughly 10,000 Texans in addiction treatment centers for alcohol alone.

“Alcoholism is typically what the most talked about because it’s what is most acceptable,” said Dr. Garcia. “The reality is that it is not necessarily the most common issue that we have.”

But Dr. Garcia says prescription opioids are a big problem as well. 

The Texas Department of State Health Services data on treatment admissions showed that 12% of all treatment admissions involved the non-medical use of prescription drugs.



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