June 8, 2021 – A.A. has always relied on its many nonalcoholic friends to provide professional expertise, sound business judgment and balance to the dedicated group of trustees who donate their time and interest in service to Alcoholics Anonymous. Importantly, of the 21 members of A.A.’s General Service Board, seven are specifically designated as Class A (nonalcoholic) trustees and can provide services that the 14 Class B (recovering alcoholic) trustees cannot, particularly in the area of providing public information about A.A. where they can face the camera head-on or use their last names without concern about anonymity. While Class A trustees do not serve as spokespeople for the Fellowship, they are available as representatives of A.A. for interviews about A.A. across multiple communications platforms — in TV, public Media, e-radio and podcasts. (For more information about A.A.’s principle of anonymity, you can watch a brief videofrom A.A.’s General Service Office.) 

For Linda, becoming chairperson provides a humbling opportunity, a chance to help spread the particular hope she has witnessed in the eyes of A.A. members as they recover. While still a trial court judge, Linda spearheaded the first certified court alcohol and drug program in Indiana, serving on a state substance abuse advisory council along with state legislators and A.A. members. In the mid-1990s, she served on the board of an Indianapolis treatment center where the chief executive was also an A.A. member.



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