I Like the ‘relapse strain’ –

Mar 14 2018, – It’s a strange thing to obtain a medical marijuana card after nearly a decade of sobriety. My decision to quit drinking was less of a healthy life choice, and more the only way to stay alive. Though alcohol was my substance of choice, I learned in treatment and still largely believe that “mood altering” substances of any kind are very dangerous for folks who have struggled with addiction. So how, nine years after getting sober, did I find myself waiting outside a cannabis dispensary in California, with a prescription from a “weed doctor” clutched tightly in my sweaty hand? … If you’re in recovery and interested in exploring high-CBD treatments but are nervous about taking any potentially psychoactive medication, here’s a little advice based on how I went about it, and what I’ve learned over the past year.  Talk to your doctor. Not the “weed doctor” but your general practitioner…

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