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Sept. 6, 2020 – Then this year in July, he was spotted in public in Beverly Hills with a cigarette on his lip, shortly after his breakup with girlfriend Molly Hurwitz. The actor looked quite disheveled and under the weather and quite unlike how fans remember him, according to Mirror. The show that was responsible for his massive success along with the rest of the cast aired 26 years ago in 1994 and it’s natural to not look the same, Perry’s looks had started to alter way back in 2000, while the show was still on the air and the reason for it was thought to be poor health and addiction. The actor had developed a problem with pain killers in 1997 and had checked himself into a facility to get rid of the dependency. He had also developed a problem with alcoholism but the actor took charge of his life and even though he relapsed a couple of times, he was aware that his life is precious. Not only that, but Perry also knew addicts just need help, and therefore, he founded Perry House in Malibu in 2013 and even though the facility shut in 2018, his work for recovering addicts continued. September is observed as National Recovery Month where gains of recovering addicts are celebrated and Perry’s mention is fitting and appropriate because he’s someone who’s worked towards kicking his own addiction as well as stay dedicated to help others recover.