Nov. 7, 2023 – You’ve heard that quitting drinking and getting sober can change your life. December 22, 2013, was the last time I had any alcohol. It’s now been almost 10 years since I’ve had a drink.

I’m fortunate that I didn’t have to hit rock bottom to get sober. Many people with a drinking problem don’t get the luxury of voluntarily giving up alcohol. Many heavy drinkers only stop drinking because they’ve lost the support of their friends and family.

To celebrate my second year on the wagon, I wrote my internal and external observations of the world as a former drinker. Many people resonated with that piece and found the post helpful in their struggles to live an alcohol-free life.

But what if you’re on the fence about getting sober?

You want to quit drinking, but you wonder if it will improve your mental health and well-being. You’ve heard that if you quit drinking, you’ll avoid a host of legal and health problems, but you’re not even sure if you have a drinking problem.


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