Feb. 24, 2023 – “I just felt like I really couldn’t walk properly,” Fox told The Mirror on Friday of one particular episode. “I felt really unwell. Dizzy, and kind of distorted. I can visualize it, but it’s not easy to explain.”

At the time, the social media star was living in Portugal, where doctors were baffled by her troubles. As her symptoms started to become more extreme, Fox flew to the UK to be looked after by her parents. “I got a taxi to the airport fine, but when I was in the airport, that’s when I was met with a wheelchair,” she recalled. “I had a wheelchair from that point up until meeting my mom the other end and the wheelchair up until the door of her car.”

Fox allegedly became bedridden and struggled to walk properly, relying on a wheelchair whenever she needed to move around. 

Still, the phone addict continued to scroll on her device all day, without realizing it was the purported cause of her problems. 

“I’m in bed, I’m scrolling from wake until sleep. What I don’t know is at that point I’m making myself worse,” she stated.