Jan. 13, 2023 – “It’s really important to me for lots of reasons,” Paul said. “I’ve lost lots of family members to opioid overdoses, right? I’ve lost a nephew, a cousin, my brother, and my son to overdose. So it put a humanity piece to it for me, and it put a human face on it, and so for me, it is my life.”

They set up a listening session to hear from people living amid the tragedy.

Parkview residents said at the time they wanted action.

“Just do a drug sweep, a DEA drug sweep,” one woman said. he feds did just that and then charged a 46-year-old Parkview resident with distributing fentanyl-laced drugs. The defendant died before her trial.

At the time, the DEA said St. Louis’ mass overdose event was one of at least seven across the U.S. in just a two-month period.

“Many of the victims of these mass overdose events thought they were ingesting cocaine and had no idea they were ingesting fentanyl,” said a spokesperson for the DEA.


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