March 16, 2022 – “He was totally against taking opiates because he had been sober for decades,” the source also said. Hurt’s friend told the Daily Mail that the actor sought out alternative treatments because of his sobriety. “And he had been doing really well for so long,” the friend said. “He even did a couple of movies in between all of this.”

Hurt, who won his best actor Oscar for the 1985 film “Kiss of the Spider Woman, died at his Portland, Oregon home, surrounded by his family. His oldest son, Alexander Hurt, told the New York Times that he died “peacefully” of complications of prostate cancer.

Alex Hurt also said in a statement to the media: “This morning, early and still dark, my father passed peacefully in the comfort of his home, held by the love of his children and surrounded in the rich green of the Northwest that he cherished. ”

Hurt’s death came after a nearly decade-long struggle with cancer, which was originally diagnosed as terminal in 2012, he revealed in Berkeley nearly four years ago.

Hurt visited Berkeley in 2018 to offer a testimonial on behalf of an alternative, “side-effect-free” chemotherapy he received from a Berkeley biotech company and its oncologist founder. “I was diagnosed in 2012 with grade-4 prostate cancer, and we didn’t know it had metastasized to the bone,” Hurt said at the press conference at the Berkeley Institute and the biotech group Alin Foundation.


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