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September 22, 2018 – Bruce Boardman, the organization’s CEO shared, “Social Model Healing Systems, devoted to helping those with alcohol and drug problems, looks at this effort as one way to raise awareness about opioid addiction and overdose deaths plaguing communities throughout the United States.” The Main Goal is to unify leading addiction-medicine specialists and doctors; parent and public advocates; stakeholders who understand the dangers and losses associated with Opioid Usage Condition; distressed families who are, or and have actually been, afflicted by addiction. County and public health specialists; police personnel; worried legislators and policymakers; public and private resources; and household service organizations in order to promote knowledge, dialogue, and partnership.

Author, Director, and advocate, Jodi Barber lost her nineteen-year-old son and three of his close friends to an accidental overdose back in 2010. Jodi quickly recognized there was an epidemic Not only in South Orange County, CA but the whole country. I had the opportunity to speak with Jodi Barber who opened up to me about her past and why she was standing here in front of so many others today. She immediately told me about her support to stop the preventable deaths from taking place. When I asked her for a quote She stressed to me, “ Not one more Death” which is the motto for the Convention.

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