WATCH – Hear the crack of the bat? –

August 23, 2020 – A team consisting of officers from local law enforcement agencies in Washington County took on a team of individuals involved in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The two teams squared off on the softball field Saturday night at the Canyon Softball Complex on West 2000 North in St. George.

The event was organized as a way to demonstrate the positive relationship between two groups of people that are sometimes viewed as mortal enemies, and to break the common stereotypes that can come with active addiction.

The game was organized by Ty Empey, with Hope Rising Detox and Rehabilitation, and included members of the Recovery Softball League that played against a law enforcement team that included players from five participating agencies, including the Washington City Police Department, the St. George Police Department, Adult Probation & Parole, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Santa Clara-Ivins Police Department.



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