Feb. 26, 2021 – The story, in which Mondragon shaped using his own personal experience with drugs, sees Sprouse kidnapped by a young woman (Sam Quartin) and whisked away to distribute medication to those on the fringes of society. The movie was shot pre-pandemic in California’s Slab City and Bombay Beach, with non-actors among the cast.

“I wrote the film after getting clean — around the time when life was becoming richer and everything I used to chase became meaningless,” said Mondragon, in a statement to THR. “I wanted to tell a story of someone in between both life and death — that waiting and liminal state, when you dream of a place that is free from society. The script came quickly, in the two weeks following my immersion into Slab City and its itinerant encampments by the Salton Sea. It was filled with a restless, youthful and rebellious spirit that I related to—something that went against the grain, a punk rock or anti statement.”

Tyger Tyger, which also features Eden Brolin, daughter of Josh Brolin; and Max Madsen, son of Michael Madsen, releases in select theaters, drive-ins and digital/VOD on Feb. 26.



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