Third Times a Charm –  

August 3, 2019 – After recovering from a drug addiction that sent her on a downward spiral, Danielle Turner, 30, recently was given back her 10-year-old son, who years earlier had been taken away by authorities.  There’s something about standing at your child’s funeral that you never really recover from, but I didn’t turn to drugs until I had two more children; they were taken from me when my son was three years old and my daughter a newborn. Because I continued to self-harm, there were concerns for my mental health, so the case workers came and the babies went. They never even put my name on my daughter’s birth certificate; she was adopted out.  It’s probably a common story, but I fell in love with the wrong guy – a drug dealer – and he soon got me hooked on ice. For the five years we were together, life became a living hell. If I tried to leave and get clean he’d come after me, or pass drugs to me via ‘friends’, so that I would remain tied to him.

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