What would Bill and Bob say? –

May 31, 2020 – “Right before everything got shut down, I was at this meeting I go to every week and there was a guy with about two or three months of sobriety. He was doing his 90 in 90 and determined to do it. He asked if I’d be down to meet up. The definition of a meeting in (12-step literature) is that two people constitute a meeting. I was super touched and inspired,” says John.

“I’m resourceful and I know how to get around the web, so I organized a meeting the night of one of my home groups. I thought it might take awhile to get it organized so I set up an unsanctioned 12-step meeting online, but I was totally wrong. 

“Other groups stepped up and some were even online before the one I started. By the time that started, many of the (real-life) meetings were being hosted online. Now mine is officially recognized by (my fellowship) and there was no red tape, and these groups were online in a heartbeat.”



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