Just Another Commodity –

March 7, 2019 – Call it getting rich while getting high. In an unexpected twist, acts and actions that in past years and places could have gotten you incarcerated — buying marijuana, smoking marijuana, eating marijuana, selling marijuana — are now connected to investments that pad your financial featherbed. “I’m not going to say that I’m for or against recreational drug use … but if you invested in alcohol at the end of prohibition, you’d be doing very well.”

With bills in Congress, marijuana legalized in a handful of states, the Hemp Farming Bill, Congress moving toward legalizing pot-related banking and the Securities and Exchange Commission on board, it’s clear that Ahrens is not too far off the money.   “I’m really much more libertarian about this,” concludes Ahrens, who wouldn’t be good at what he does if his sights were not set on serious long-term capital appreciation. “And I’m going to invest in this.”

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