Feb. 11, 2021 – “I thought the worst thing that can happen on Snapchat were nude pictures or saying something inappropriate or something like that,” Berman said. “I had no idea there were drug dealers on there.”

The couple describes Sammy as an amazing kid with great grades, huge dreams and unbelievably sweet and funny.

“He was also a football player and had been stuck inside in front of the computer screen for a year because of COVID. So when these social media platforms do the wrong thing, the COVID-19 pandemic puts a multiplier on it. And that’s what we’re dealing with at this very moment,” Chapman said.

Chapman said Snapchat needs to give parents access to their children’s snaps and not have them dissolve, and they need to cooperate with law enforcement when a young person passes away.

Snapchat said they are working with the Santa Monica Police Department with their investigation, to help them track down the perpetrator.   

Snapchat issued sent a statement saying:



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