With a Corn Flakes back? –

Nov. 2, 2019 – “My life was getting more and more chaotic. I was losing friends, respect, self-respect, because I was consistently lying. “I was letting people down and it didn’t matter what anybody could pull me up on, it was nowhere near as bad as the way I used to talk to myself about it…”

Melissa found herself in a spiral. The worse her life seemed to her, the more she drank. The more she drank, the more her life fell apart. In a bid to fool her loved ones Melissa would hide bottles of vodka in her local park. “I had signals in the park where I’d hidden vodka in empty bottles,” she said.

“Because when I was allowed out for a brief walk, I wasn’t allowed to take a phone, bank cards. “I knew the consequences but there was no choice. I had to have a drink.” Another way she concocted of consuming alcohol was to pour whiskey onto her cereal in the morning when she was at festivals. “I had Jack Daniels on my cereal. It was bad,” she said.

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