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MAY 28, 2019 – In her memoir, Exalted Quest: You Have But One Quest to Live, Exalt It, Kindred provides a step-by-step account of how she learned to see the crises of her past as beautiful, perfect, and divine occurrences which ultimately brought her into a place of compassion, fearlessness, and unconditional love.

“Suddenly, all the traumatic events of my past made sense,” said author Kindred Light. “I saw them for their lessons and higher purpose and was able to finally move through life with peace and love.”

Exalted Quest shows readers that life isn’t always about changing our circumstances, rather, it is about changing how we approach those circumstances throughout our individual journeys. Real-life stories describing the intense situations that transformed Kindred are also used to provide the framework for readers to successfully overcome their own unique suffering and burdens in life. Readers will discover how to access their inherent inner power, creativity, infinite potential, and healing energy to finally be free of their past.

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