Feb. 10, 2021 – Hold on. The worst moment in “Music” is the quick-cut, frenetic, orange-tinted fantasy musical number when the title character flails about making exaggerated facial and body contortions that would embarrass the worst mime ever to work a city street corner.

Ah, no need to argue or debate. They’re ALL terrible moments — and there are so many more — in this well-intentioned but woefully executed directing/co-writing feature debut by the Australian pop sensation Sia, who compounds the problem by making one of the most tone-deaf and grating celebrity cameos in recent cinema history.

When “Music” picked up Golden Globe nominations for best picture musical/comedy and for Kate Hudson’s performance, I think it’s safe to say the typical reaction was along the lines of: Oh Kate Hudson, I like her, we haven’t seen much of her lately, followed by, What the heck is this movie called “Music?” Filmed in 2017, “Music” first generated controversy when it was learned neurotypical actor Maddie Ziegler (who has starred in many of Sia’s videos) was cast as the lead character, a teenage girl on the far end of the non-verbal autism spectrum…



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