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August 29, 2018 – 1. A Better Memory
As any mother can tell you, being able to remember a hundred different little things at once is an essential part of managing a household. When I was abusing benzos, I found that there were huge blanks in my memory. I’d end up forgetting important things like whether or not I’d already given my daughter Tylenol that evening or not. These dangerous memory lapses were one of the big reasons I decided to get clean.

2. More Energy
When I was using benzos, I’d often find myself sticking my daughter in her playpen while I just laid around on the couch. I constantly felt tired, drowsy, and too lazy to actually get up and do anything. The new energy I feel after finally overcoming addiction helps me to be a more dedicated and involved parent.

3. A Stronger Relationship with My Husband
My daughter deserves to have dedicated parents who …

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