Let’s All Move To Seattle –

August 23, 2019 -Each day presents a new set of challenges during his recovery, Johnson said.  “It’s constantly a struggle. My disease is well and active in my life, especially with my fears. I have fears of failure, I have fears with my speech, I’m a person who stutters,” said Johnson, a Puyallup resident. Those fears drove him to use meth, cocaine, opiates, and eventually heroin. It got to the point where his wife Melissa told him that if he didn’t choose recovery, she and their two kids would move on.

Johnson called a treatment center the next day. “I put my recovery at the forefront of my life and I plan my life around my recovery,” he said. A stuttering support group helped Brandon overcome his speech problems. The Washington Recovery Alliance helped him advocate in Olympia for more public attention and dollars to address addiction.

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