…and not in Network –  

Sep. 27, 2020 – ‘They haven’t gone away, you know,” says John Duignan, a former Scientologist, who left the controversial religion in 2006 and hasn’t looked back since, metaphorically at least.

The night John fled the Church of Scientology, he was chased through a train station in Birmingham by scientologists tracking him. He evaded them and got a flight back to Ireland, to begin his life anew, having spent the previous 21 years dedicated to the church. For some time, though, he felt as though he was looking over his shoulder. Scientologists visited various family members’ homes, enquiring of his whereabouts. 

Now based in Midleton, Co Cork, John says he is finally “content within myself”. But he is deeply concerned about the proposed opening of a €6m drug rehab centre in rural Co Meath, run by Narconon Trust, a branch of the church to which he was once utterly committed.



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