It’s Never Too Late for Therapy – 

JUNE 3, 2019 – Many people imagine the life of an escort to be one of constant indulgence and parties: sipping champagne in fancy hotel suites and being wined and dined at only the most exclusive establishments. For most of us, that’s a rarity rather than a reality, but for Samantha X, one of Australia’s highest-paid and most visible sex workers, it’s probably a lot more commonplace. With an incredibly successful career as an escort, two best-selling memoirs — Hooked and Back on Top — under her belt and an agency of her own to run, Samantha was hardly running out of things to do. But after doing “enough partying to last a lifetime”, the luxuries she used to enjoy began to lose their lustre. “I decided to stop drinking after I hit my own rock bottom at the end of last year,” she told me, in an exclusive interview with “I had stopped using alcohol as something fun and social and started to use it as an emotional painkiller. I tried to stop years ago and couldn’t manage it, but this time I knew it was time.”

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