To Russell with Love –

Dec. 13, 2019 – He wrote: “17 years clean and sober today. “With love and the support of others real change is possible, no matter how dark times may seem.

“Thank you to everyone who lights the path we walk together.”

The card said: “Congratulations. 17 years. You are incredible.”

The word “Daddy” was written at the bottom, along with: “We love you.”

Many of Brand’s celebrity friends posted messages of congratulations, with Keith Lemon saying “well done” Brand has been open about his struggle with addiction and in 2014 he told US talk show host Oprah Winfrey that his troubles stemmed from childhood.

The star said he had felt “lonely” and “a bit sad”.

He told Winfrey he started to have problems with food and went on to become “infatuated with pornography”, before finding drugs.and Stacey Dooley adding a heart emoji. Comedian John Bishop wrote on Instagram: “Big respect and love.”

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