Resurgence Press Release –  

November 3, 2019 – Resurgence has launched new residential drug rehabilitation centers in Orange County in order to provide customized care for drug-addicts. The decision to introduce new drug rehabs has been taken after taken into consideration the rising number of drug cases in Orange County. The Orange County drug rehab centers have been launched with an aim to provide personalized care to patients during and after the treatment.

All the residential drug rehabilitation centers launched by Resurgence focus on multiple treatment options customized according to the needs of every drug addict. A drug detox program for treatment is decided only after taking into consideration the addiction, body, metabolism, and other circumstances. Other than the required medical support, emotional support is offered in all the luxurious residential treatment centers in Orange County. Outpatient recovery programs are offered to patients for flexible addiction treatment at home.

Over the last few years, the menace of drug trafficking in the Orange County region has increased significantly and this drug racket has been spoiling the lives of a huge number of young people. Due to the launch of drug rehabilitation centers in Orange County, it has become possible to provide patients with the necessary facilities to carry out their treatment. A high number of people have recovered successfully using such drug rehab centers in the US.

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