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October 4, 2019 – The pod is made up of 10 dormitory-style cells. Men and women are housed separately where they can receive counseling and medical treatment while going through withdrawals. The Kane County Sheriff’s office started the program in March in partnership with Lighthouse Recovery. “It’s giving me hope. It gives us the direction, you know, the direction to go where we need to go in life,” says inmate John Fowler. “It’s up to us to utilize the tools.”

Fowler, 44, has been here on drug-related charges, held on $500,000 bond, since the beginning of the program. The program costs $15,000 a month, and Hain says they are finding ways to make it work. “The lien of this is not on the public; we’re using revenue from inmate commissary funds to offset the cost,” Hain says.

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