Rom-Com It Is Not –

May 14, 2019 – When I returned to New York I received an email from a participant who at the time of the drama, shared simply that it had put him in touch with his own adoption. After the workshop he received support from a few other people and that helped him to more fully hear what this part of himself wanted to say, I quote with his permission. “The part I couldn’t say – didn’t have access to in the workshop – that I got later was from the ‘baby’ self — “I am alive, I am alone, I am not safe, I am not loved – what did I do?”

A child just doesn’t know what they did to contribute to this sense of aloneness and culpability whether from an adoption or living with the trauma of addiction. Finding these parts of themselves and letting them speak is part of the gift of role play, of psychodrama.

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