June 30, 2021 – Jarecki’s densely plotted thriller could just as well have been titled “Déjà vu,” given how tragically familiar it will probably feel to innumerable grieving families.

While “Crisis” can fairly be criticized as emotionally cold, with its heavy and humorless story generating more sympathy for its characters than empathy, there’s no denying its timeliness, offering a compelling look at what will certainly be remembered as one of the most underplayed tragedies of our time.

Ironically, Jarecki’s efforts to paint that picture for audiences has had to weather other crises on its way to release.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down movie theaters — and pretty much everything else — in the year his film was slated to be released. Then there was the collateral damage from the emergence of jarring reports regarding Hammer’s bizarre alleged sexual (ahem) appetites, which appears to have shelved if not ended Hammer’s acting career.



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