Just Like Weed in LA – 

APRIL 23, 2020 – The patient’s “home” OTP may be far from the hotel. So the patient authorizes a “designated other”—a courier, who is an employee of the city’s Department of Health—to pick up their methadone from a “guest” OTP.

After the patient signs an authorization and consent, the medication will be routed through from the home OTP to the guest OTP. The authorized courier will then bring the methadone from there to the patient’s hotel, and deliver it to a nurse—all of the Isolation Hotels have nurses. The courier and the nurse will witness the transfer in a chain-of-custody document.

The courier will bring one week’s worth of doses at a time, which will then be placed in the patient’s lockbox—all patients will be provided with a lockbox in which to keep their methadone. (Schorr said she was impressed by the quality of the lockboxes purchased by the city.)



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