Nov. 18, 2021 –  Local organizations trying to fight addiction in Central New York are still waiting for support promised by lawmakers. More than $90 million from the American Rescue Covid Relief Plan has been allocated for substance abuse treatment across the state.

“I’m aware of efforts that are happening at the state and federal level to try to get the money to us faster but we still don’t have it,” says Helio Health CEO, Jeremy Klemanski.

The push for help comes as the CDC is reporting an alarming number of overdose deaths.100,000 people nationwide have died from drug overdoses in the past year, the most in U.S. history and a nearly 30-percent increase since 2019.

“28.5% in fatal overdoses. It’s not a 100,306 dead Americans. It’s 100,306 devastated families, says Klemanski. “It’s time to treat this crisis like we did Covid.”


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