Oct. 14, 2021 – However, “taking aspirin can also cause heavy bleeding that can be fatal, especially in older people,” Tseng said. Therefore, the task force now argues that adults 60 and older shouldn’t start taking aspirin daily to lower the risk of heart attack or a first stroke. 

“At this point, the high risk of bleeding actually eliminates the potential benefit of aspirin,” the expert said.

It’s important to stress that the new guidelines don’t apply to people who have suffered a heart attack or stroke and now take aspirin daily. Even people without a history of heart attack or stroke who take preventative doses shouldn’t stop before consulting their doctor, according to experts.

This isn’t the first time that experts recommended revoking the guideline to give aspirin as a preventative treatment. A study published in 2018 presented the possibility that in some cases the risk may outweigh the benefit of taking the drug, especially in cases of adults and the elderly without health problems. 


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