Sept. 15, 2022 – The impetus for opening Boisson stemmed from the personal experiences of its two owners, Nick Bodkins and Barrie Arnold, who met when they worked together at an insurance software company. They said their inspiration derived from their post-COVID 19’s lockdown drinking habits. Once they realized that a number of people were looking for more sober options, the idea for Boisson percolated. Bodkins says motivations for reducing alcohol intake included women who are pregnant, training for a race, and going ‘damp’ (a term mean reducing one’s alcohol intake) for a month or cutting out liquor totally. The partners started experimenting with non-alcoholic drinks and after investing in direct-to-consumer sales, they decided to open a neighborhood store. Non-alcoholic shops are proliferating on the coasts and proving that many consumers are looking to cut down on their drinking.


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