WATCH – Spilling her guts – 

Nov. 6, 2020 – The admin worker, from Melbourne, revealed that her 20 drinks a night means she often wakes up shaking – which can happen when alcohol leaves the body and causes the nervous system to become hyperactive.

To combat this, Heidi swigs the wine she hides in her wardrobe every morning to ease the side-effects of her heavy drinking. Describing how she feels stuck in a vicious cycle, she added: “There’s this idea that if you are addicted to whatever it is, you’re to be shamed so I don’t say anything.

“I really want people to understand that alcoholics aren’t just someone holding a paper bag [filled with alcohol]. This is my reality.”

As she feels ashamed of her drinking, Heidi hid booze around her home to stop friends and family finding out.

Although she’d regularly drink on social occasions in her mid-twenties, Heidi began secretly boozing at home as she approached 30.

She said: “People think you’ll be stumbling down the street and not able to speak properly, but for me drinking serves the opposite purpose.”



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