Healing Addiction with Grace –

MAY 05, 2020 – Clare’s background comes from overcoming her own addiction, which, in her case, was an obsessive food disorder with Bulimia. Through her 40-year journey, Clare found that her addictive behavior was a symptom of suffering. Her actual struggle was with suffering humiliation and the trauma that resulted. Once she was able to identify these root-cause experiences, she was able to address her trauma and integrate it into a healthier lifestyle. Clare now works with clients one-on-one who are addicted to suffering and guides them to healing.

Many books are designed to help addicts focus on stopping the dependence on a vice, whether it is alcohol, drugs, food, social media, or any other harmful habit. In Feast & Famine, Clare helps people to address the deeper problem, to find their humiliation and shame, and determine where the trauma comes from. She wants her readers to remember that substance or vice addiction is not the primary problem, but a symptom of a deeper problem of suffering. A Divine Healing path is outlined in the book to help the reader to move through this process from addiction to recovery.

Clare says, “We have experienced trauma in all parts of our lives, and we must address the trauma.” She adds, “We are born in a state of self-love, and then we experience humiliation from relationships in our lives. If we do not address the shame of humiliation, we move into self-loathing. Unresolved self-loathing create chronic suffering. To perpetuate the suffering, we turn to addictive substances or vices. You’ve got to dig deep and find out why you are suffering if you want to find lasting recovery.”

While in quarantine, addicts do not have the same daily distractions to keep them from their addictions, and they may not have access to the same resources, such as meetings or accountability partners. During isolation, addicts will have to reflect upon what will happen if they do not heal their suffering . . . and also what will happen if they do heal.



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