May 25, 2021 – The book recognizes chemical dependency as a universal outcry and struggle for the addict, family and friends. It demonstrates how chemical dependency is widespread just like the sky, all over the world. Chemical dependency is classified as a mental health disorder. The dilemma of chemical dependency can be an innocent curiosity leading to disaster as it is like a sharp piercing blade that stabs the mind/brain.

Alarming fact, chemical dependency can begin at youth. Chemical dependency is not reserved for the young or old. It can start at any age. When chemical dependency sets in, it takes over the body and mind.

Brown recognizes addiction provides a thrilling and sensational pleasure which often leads to repetitive use inflicting pain, suffering, agony and intense craving. The consequences of the intoxicating pain can make the body feel like a bunch of French fries sizzling in scalding hot cooking oil. The riptide of chemical dependency has landed on the victim and has added a helpless feeling and challenge to life.

“And, while the challenges of addiction may seem like a spinning top failing to fall on its side, help is available,” Brown says.


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