Jan. 3, 2022 – R felt differently. Spurred on by the muscle tone and clarity he was reclaiming, he kept going, and going, and going. On day 328 of sobriety (at time of writing) he has saved 115,200 calories and lost a stone, as calculated by his Try Dry app. He has also saved £2,110. “I can see the difference in myself so I feel more positive about my body image,” he tells me over a glass of alcohol-free mulled wine one December evening. “Mentally, I feel sharper and more focused.” 

I am incredibly proud of him, not to mention impressed, considering the amount we both enjoyed a drink before. “Not drinking for a year has felt like a really big achievement personally,” he says. “I never felt like I had an issue with alcohol but I also was not very good at just having one.”

Pride for him unwavering, the drinking culture of the first 10 years of our relationship has obviously done a 180. Now, while R is very happy to go out and have a ‘no/low’ beer alternative and put up with me as I merrily sink three wines, this isn’t something I necessarily want to put him through time and time again so I have been moderating and reflecting on what and how I drink, too.


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