March 29, 2021 – Of all the pop stars, Pellow seemed such an unlikely addict – so clean-cut, bouncy and upbeat. After being outed by the tabloids in 1999, he never denied his problems. But he always liked to accentuate the positive. He would smile his famous smile, admit he had had a rough old time of it and hurdle the tricky stuff. He preferred talking about his solo albums, his performances in West End and Broadway musicals and his blessed life. And talk he can – Pellow is smart, informed, funny, obsessed with music and full of stories. 

Today, Pellow is speaking from the spare bedroom of the house in Windsor he shares with his long-term partner, Eileen Catterson, a former Miss Scotland. There is a vintage four-poster bed in the background and a few guitars dotted around the room. Pellow is wearing a paisley shirt and a pair of loose-fitting tartan slacks that could double as pyjamas. The ponytail of old has long gone. These days, it is all short hair and professorial glasses. One thing that hasn’t changed is the smile, but nowadays he flashes it with more discretion.



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