April 2, 2021 – Price wrote that her decision to get sober came after she “started drinking more frequently again” during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly during the late summer and early fall of 2020.

“The election and the political climate and the cyber bullying and threats were wearing on me,” she wrote. “I thought about wiping my social media accounts off the face of the earth and retreating to the Mt. Baldy Zen Center in Los Angeles, the place Leonard Cohen had studied with the Buddhists and became a monk for a brief time.” But Price, of course, didn’t want to leave her children — daughter Ramona, 21 months, and son Judah, 11 — or husband Jeremy Ivey behind. 

“I had a family to raise — a full-time job with overtime and no sick days,” she wrote. “I loved it, but I also missed my career and the way things used to be. My life was a balancing act, and lots of days I fell very far off the tightrope.”



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