Death and Life –

NOVEMBER 16, 2018 – “I just dropped out of SoundCloud Uni to go to rehab, I leave in like 5 days And I couldn’t be happier with this choice I love you guys for being so supportive and can’t wait too get back clean headed ready to finish my album,” Lil Xan said. The decision for Xan to go to rehab was influenced by Mac Miller that for him “hit too close to home. “I know we struggle with the same problems and I just feel like it’s time to get better,” Xan relayed to TMZ. Lil Xan states that he uses Norcos, which is a Hydrocodone, and a lot opioids and has gotten “10 times worse.” He states that once he exits rehab he will no longer go by Lil Xan and instead will be Diego, which is, first name, and to finish his tribute album to Lil Xan.

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