Oct. 24, 2022 – “We were Baptist. There was no alcohol in our family. We were teetotalers,” he said in January 2021. “I remember that, all of a sudden, I wasn’t that awkward kid who didn’t know what to do with his arms, who was afraid the ax was going to fall at any time. It hit me: I was adorable, I was precious. And I stayed precious and adorable for the next 33 years.”

Despite his successful career, Jordan struggled with substance abuse.

He said alcohol gave him confidence and self-acceptance through his 30s. “I felt it was a lot easier to be gay when I was loaded. My problem was I was a bar drinker. I started getting DUIs. My gosh. And that one year [1997] I got three in a row. They sentenced me to 120 days.”

“I was there 14 days, and that was it,” the actor said. “The judge told me, he said, ‘If you so much as misbehave at all, I’ll put you back in jail, Mister Jordan.’”


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