Sept. 3, 2021 – The blonde beauty – who now has six-month – old daughter Ocean with TV producer Randall – admits she couldn’t have put down the bottle without the unwavering love and support of her man.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly magazine, she said: “When we first started dating, it was all fun and games, Things progressed with my alcoholism very quickly. I put him through a lot, but I’ve found a partner whose shown me unconditional love.” The reality TV star recently released her book ‘Give Them Lala’ in which she chronicles some of the worst things she has done whilst drunk and although it was hard to revisit those “mortifying moments” she knows it was worth it if her story can help just one other person struggling with booze.

She said: “The hardest parts were talking about things that happened in my alcoholic state of mind. But if one person walks away saying, I’m going to explore getting sober, then it was worth sharing those horrific and mortifying moments.

“I’ve done some things I wasn’t feeling right about, so it was me saying, ‘This is how it happened, this is my perspective. I’m now longer going to apologise or explain things.’”


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