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Oct. 31, 2019 – It was through her work that she met, and eventually partnered with, Co-Founder John West. Born to actor J.T. Walsh, West found himself initially drawn to the arts and entertainment industries, establishing for himself a life in Hollywood working as a producer. Yet, when his father unexpectedly passed away, the trauma of such a sudden loss sent West into a downward spiral. It was only after the intervention of family and friends—and help from Crane—that he was able to overcome his addictions and find himself back on a path of healthy living.  This experience opened his eyes to see how powerful and life changing the road to recovery can be for those who need it. Experiencing first hand how trauma and addiction can affect not only yourself but those around you, West made the decision to put his own journey to use helping others find their road to recovery as a Sober Companion and Interventionist. It was then that West devoted his time to helping Crane on her quest to provide a safe and stable environment where others suffering from trauma and addiction can find the help they need. Together, they established their world-renowned program right here in Central Florida. 

The Guest House, a top-notch, private, luxury facility that focuses on unraveling the tangled web of trauma and addiction has more than 50 acres at their disposal and boasts a 27-room inpatient home where clients and industry leaders from all over the world are able to put aside their worries and focus on the process of recovery.

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