April 22, 2021 – Alongside a screenshot of an app which tracks his sobriety, he wrote: “It’s not that it get easier or harder, It’s just that it’s life on life’s terms. If anyone is trying to get sober, know that it possible if you are willing to do the work. Sending lots of love to my people who have been on this journey with me. #sobersbetter (sic)” Jack frequently opens up about his addiction battle and his journey to sobriety, especially through his multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in 2012.

Last April, the star explained in an Instagram post for his 17-year anniversary that he got sober from drugs and alcohol when he realized he will “never be a normal drinker” and that drugs and alcohol will “only ever lead to bad things” for him.

He wrote at the time: “If someone would have told me 17 years ago I’d be celebrating my 17th year of sobriety locked down at home because of a global pandemic I’d of literally laughed in their face.



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