$50,000 GLASS OF BUBBLY? – 

July 28, 2022 – Ivana Trump went to rehab in Malibu, where she met another Ivana—Guinness heiress Ivana Lowell—who shared her experience with Airmail.

When Lowell found herself in rehab, she had no idea she’d also find herself sharing space with Ivana Trump.A few select people were chosen to go along with Lowell, Trump, and Roberto to the restaurant. A rehab chaperone tagged along, but Trump “made him disappear.” After some food, Ivana raised a glass of champagne to the group, and asked the waiter to fill everyone’s glasses.

Before anybody could break their sobriety, Lowell stood up, reminding her fellow clients that their treatment had cost a fortune. “If you touch that glass of champagne, it will be the most expensive drink you have ever had,” she said. No one drank—except Trump, who went bottoms up!

The next day, as Trump was due to leave, she pulled Lowell aside and gave her a gift. It was a bottle of perfume—her own brand, naturally: “an elegant, heart-shaped bottle boldly labeled IVANA.”


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